Player reviews-2011

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Player reviews-2011

Post by panther_man on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:57 pm

Hello all. Well what a season it was. A dissapointing way to finish off with a 70 point loss, but who would have thought, it was in a semi final but following a finals win the week prior! very proud of the boys from last to 4th...and only going to get better.. bring on 2012 Very Happy Very Happy

I made a similar thread last year, as it is always interesting to hear other supporters views on each players' season, strengths, weakness etc.

So below is every player to play a league game this year... post away

#1- Nathan Lyons

#2- Myke Cook

#4- Toby Stribling

#-5 Guy O'Keefe

#-6 Brad Crabb

#-7 Josh Thewlis

#-8 Michael Wundke

#9- Nick Liddle

#-10 Nathan Daniel

#11- Mitch Sandery

#13- Andrew Horne

#14- Tarak Redigolo

#15- Xavier Gotch

#16- James Turner

#17- Peter Rolfe

#18- Brent Macleod

#19- Joel Cross

#20- Daniel Talia

#21- Adam Cockshell

#22- Andrew Ainger

#23- Shaun Mckernan

#24- Curtis Perrey

#26- Daniel Bass

#27- Keegan Brooksby

#28- Lachlan Carey

#32- Todd Mckay

#33- Scott Taylor

#35- Sam Richman

#36- Nick Murphy

#39- Micheal leonard

#40- Andrew Carter

#47- Emmanuel Irra

#54- Tyson Brown

#58- Darcy Hourigan

#62- Jake Veide

I think that is all? Dont think it was worth adding Dave Mckay.


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Re: Player reviews-2011

Post by saintal on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:59 am

Some thoughts. Games played in brackets. Quite long, so pardon the self indulgence!

#1- Nathan Lyons (16) Solid enough contributor without being a match winner. Perhaps hasn’t improved game as I thought he may.
#2- Myke Cook (13) Got better as season progressed before injury. May have been handy on Footy Park. Will be lucky to survive crow cull so SAFC future unknown.
#4- Toby Stribling (22) Excellent recruit, who started the season superbly and was good there after. Added some much needed grunt around the packs. afl scouts lurking.
#-5 Guy O'Keefe (6) Sorely missed his disposal skills and competitiveness. Hopefully gets his knee right for 2012.
#-6 Brad Crabb (22) Would have appreciated playing in a much more competitive side. Had his best year and could finish top 5 in Knuckey Cup.
#-7 Josh Thewlis (21) Got his body right and rediscovered his 06-08 form. Massive loss come finals time. Will go close to winning Knuckey Cup.
#-8 Michael Wundke (22) The recruit of the year IMO. There is no substitute for goals, and 73 was a fantastic return. Kicking improved as season progressed.
#9- Nick Liddle (22) Took a while to match his 2010 form, but his second half of the year was arguably better than last year. Must hang on to him.
#-10 Nathan Daniel (22) A surprise packet. Was handy in front of goals, but did seem to run out legs towards end of season. Good pick-up.
#11- Mitch Sandery (20) Reliable defender. Found some of his 2009 form. Brain fade in EF costly.
#13- Andrew Horne (22) Played more up forward this year and I thought he struggled a bit. Came good late in the year, and was BOG in the EF.
#14- Tarak Redigolo (5) Great year in the ressies but struggled to make impact in seniors. Make or break year in 2012.
#15- Xavier Gotch (17) Similar to Horne in a way that he didn’t quite find his 2010 until late in the year. Quiet achiever who hopefully sticks with the club.
#16- James Turner (2) Needs a good run with injuries.
#17- Peter Rolfe (13) After missing first few months of season never really got going. 16 goals a disappointing return. Highly talented and capable of more.
#18- Brent Macleod (19) Did some very nice things at times, and made some school boy errors at other times. Still young and is worth sticking with.
#19- Joel Cross (22) Excellent recruit. Consistent through the year, but unfortunately had two of his poorer games come finals time. Hope that rumors of home-sickness are unfounded.
#20- Daniel Talia (3) Was very good in the 3 games. Kicking is pretty average by sanfl standards, let alone afl standards. Big future though.
#21- Adam Cockshell (18) Frustrating year for the big fella but provided some value. Would like to see him drop a few kg and become more mobile.
#22- Andrew Ainger (13) Showed glimpses come finals time to suggest he could find the going a little easier in his 2nd season.
#23- Shaun Mckernan (5) When he played we generally won.
#24- Curtis Perrey (8 ) Goal-less this season and perhaps took a step back after showing some reasonable signs last year. Give him another year.
#26- Daniel Bass (14) Improved and became an important part of the side. Was exposed a little at CHB with the loss of Thewlis in the finals.
#27- Keegan Brooksby (17) Really hit his straps late in the season. Noticed the confidence grow and is a real honest competitor.
#28- Lachlan Carey (19) Can burn the ball a bit with his kicking but did enough to warrant his selection. Was good in the EF. Drifted forward for the occasional goal.
#32- Todd Mckay (4) May not have him in 2012. Chance of being picked up by afl club I would have thought.
#33- Scott Taylor (2) Can’t really remember much of him to be honest.
#35- Sam Richman (10) Honest goer whose disposal needs work. Worth persisting with.
#36- Nick Murphy (22) Whilst not as prolific stats wise due to playing more in the back-line than midfield, had a very solid season I thought. Maturing quickly as a footballer and leader.
#39- Micheal leonard (6) Has some nice size. Give him another 12 months before judging.
#40- Andrew Carter (1) Was playing some good footy in the ressies before injury. Could be a really good long term player.
#47- Emmanuel Irra (7) Dropped away after much hyped start. Smooth mover who will attract afl attention.
#54- Tyson Brown (7) Hard and courageous. Like many on the list kicking could improve, but another positive find from 2011.
#58- Darcy Hourigan (1) Big boy. Give him time.
#62- Jake Veide (15) Can be very good or very ordinary. Found a niche in the backlines before untimely injury. Consistency will hopefully come with age.

Others to play were D. McKay (1) and A. Otten (3)

My Knuckey Cup Prediction:

1- Liddle
2- Cross
3- Thewlis
4- Stribling
5- Crabb

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Re: Player reviews-2011

Post by Ben W on Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:26 pm

Despite coming in from another side I felt that Nathan Daniel made the most improvement, Stribling was a good player already but I felt Daniel really made the step up this season.

Think Liddle will win the Knuckey Cup and will get himself drafted as a result, i do think South are at risk of more than just one player going in the draft this season!
Ben W

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Re: Player reviews-2011

Post by blueandwhite on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:11 am

well. here goes..

#1- Nathan Lyons 6/10 good signs, in and out of the league side all year, sounds like he's heading back to vic

#2- Myke Cook 5/10 will probably be delisted by the crows, disposal needs work, would have been handy in finals but injured

#4- Toby Stribling 9/10 great year, afl clubs circling, hope we can hang on to him, tough unit.

#-5 Guy O'Keefe 4/10 injury ruined season,missed his finishing skills and competitiveness

#-6 Brad Crabb 9/10 great year.always gets the opposition gun, and busts his guts, developing as a leader as well

#-7 Josh Thewlis 9/10 best season for a few years, must retain, injured and missed his accurate disposal and experience in finals. keep away from nail guns josh

#-8 Michael Wundke 10/10 great debut season, love the way he presents at every contest and wins 1 on 1's, sign him for as long as we can.

#9- Nick Liddle 10/10 this guy is a gun, sign him up for 10yrs

#-10 Nathan Daniel 6/10 showed some great signs but seems to fall out of games too easily, keep

#11- Mitch Sandery 6/10 great to see him injury free, love his physical presence, let himself down with silly report in elim final.

#13- Andrew Horne 8/10 slow start, great finish to the year. Great skills, hits targets, must retain.

#14- Tarak Redigolo 5/10 reserves magarey medalist. love his attack on the footy needs to work on his speed and disposal to consolidate a league position.

#15- Xavier Gotch 6/10 quieter year than last but played well when in defensive role in crucial games late in the season, must keep

#16- James Turner 4/10 didnt really see enough of him, but when he gets a chance again has to really grab it. like his game

#17- Peter Rolfe 5/10 injury plagued year. needs to get right and a good preseason as well. at his best is the opportunist forward we need

#18- Brent Macleod 7/10 like his game,still young plenty of upside I think; needs to make a few less errors though

#19- Joel Cross 10/10 a great first season; a recruiting masterstroke; needs to stay. perhaps work on his disposal a bit

#20- Daniel Talia 6/10 would have been handy in finals!!! not sure if we will see much of him from now on; will be a gun at afl level

#21- Adam Cockshell 6/10 handy, but needs a really good preseason, gets caught a lot with the ball but when forward is a very good target and straightens us up

#22- Andrew Ainger 7/10 showed what he can do in the finals,lock him in the gym for 2 months over summer, going to be a real asset

#23- Shaun Mckernan 6/10 his best is bloody fantastic, his worst is..... well..? a real x factor and very versatile;

#24- Curtis Perrey 4/10 given his chances but really hasnt grabbed them, needs some body strength ; v good skills

#26- Daniel Bass 6/10 improved quite a bit this year, handy in ruck and up forward, dont think hes a chb though; will develop

#27- Keegan Brooksby 7/10 improved a great deal later in the season, gym work required , plenty of upside to his game

#28- Lachlan Carey 6/10 liked his game had a good elim final , versatile and Thewlis like in his attack on the footy

#32- Todd Mckay 6/10 showed glimpses; will probably be drafted; pretty tough for a 17 yo

#33- Scott Taylor u/s

#35- Sam Richman 4/10 disappointing year, had a shocker last sunday, disposal a worry; youth on his side though and will improve

#36- Nick Murphy 7/10 have no idea where he plays!! but seemed to be in defence in finals, good year, and developing into a good captain

#39- Micheal leonard 4/10 seems to do ok in the 2's but struggles at the next level

#40- Andrew Carter 4/10 injury plagued year, good size and young, must keep

#47- Emmanuel Irra 4/10 great start, poor finish to the year, not sure what happened..?

#54- Tyson Brown 6/10 love his attack on the footy, ......3 months in the gym would be handy. keep

#58- Darcy Hourigan 5/10 15 yo......... like what I see. going to a big man when he grows up. 2 months in gym over summer

#62- Jake Veide 5/10 see McKernan.

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Re: Player reviews-2011

Post by Ben W on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:09 pm

Have to agree with your 7/10 for Andrew Ainger, think we fell on our feet pretty well with his recruitment into the club, the lad is clearly responding to the coaching and as you say with work put into core fitness over summer will only get better!
Ben W

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Re: Player reviews-2011

Post by Ben W on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:11 pm

As for Emmanuel Irra, does anyone remember what happened when a young lad called Shane Tongerie played a good game for the Cows and was pumped right up by the media? Irra has potential but I dont see him being drafted this season.
Ben W

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Re: Player reviews-2011

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