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Ron's Blog about the internet

Post by Panther74 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:48 pm

I read with interest Ron Fullers comments on his Blog. I thought I would post it on here as it does have some relevance to all of us South supporters here. He seems to be very open about if you have any issues you can go directly to him.

Excellent work Ronnie as this keeps the line of communication going. Very Happy

Stirring the pot

Wednesday 11th August - By Ronny's Blog

Last week I spoke about parent support as well as past players having a say without being involved in the every day goings on at the football club.

I mentioned the old saying about being seen but not heard.

Another old saying is a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The internet is a wonderful resource but it can also be damaging when used in the wrong manner as we have all become aware of.

I tend not to read any of the chat lines because most are anonymous and any credibility is lost when people need to hide behind a pseudonym to communicate.

Occasionally someone will bring to my attention something that is said however and while it adds to discussion, most of it is inaccurate, it's mischievous or it is a person with a private agenda using the forum to press their case.

I am amazed at some of the information these people have which makes me think it is often a disgruntled parent, an ex player who couldn't make the grade but now wants to be disruptive, or someone in a support role who isn’t in it for the right reasons.

Once again as it is anonymous it doesn't hold much weight but if a person wants to write to me with their correct name, address and a home phone number I will almost always get back to you.

I would rather tell it as I see it and won't try to appease any detractors with fluffy propaganda.

Our club has had its share of problems in the past with people who are only happy if something is going wrong, so we are keen to be as transparent as possible and to keep our supporters in the frame.

It is the true supporters we want to please however and I have to say I have had few problems at South Adelaide compared to my previous experiences.

It is great to have support but it just has to be for the right reasons.

We really do want the entire club to be united.

Ron Fuller

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Re: Ron's Blog about the internet

Post by Ben W on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:20 pm

The situation for the true believers that sign up for membership each year is a little different at present and perhaps something that a lot of them are not used to!

Form wise we are not looking good and staring down a wooden spoon yet again,

Coaching wise its fairly well recognised and accepted that we actually have a half decent coach this time around not unlike when John Reid coached the club way back when.

People are discussing some of the real problems that are occuring to see the club in its current state such as the quality of our feeder sides and so on, which is a change from the usual bagging out of the coaching / administration staff of the club.

As Ron says, its about being united and as members doing our best to not just talk about some of these problems but be a part of what the solutions are to turn things around at the club. Time will tell, yet I am quite confident that we are on the right track, if we do recruit from other SANFL clubs at the end of this season, my only response will be about time! - having seen so many promising players leave the club, how good would it be to see the shoe on the other foot for a change!
Ben W

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