2012 Player reviews.

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2012 Player reviews.

Post by panther_man on Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:53 pm

Well it is that time of year again. In my eyes it was a very disapointing season given the team played finals last year and the high expectations. The signs of a good team are there though, get up in those close games and we would be in another finals campaign.

It is always good to hear fellow supporters opinions on how the players who played league fared this year. Feel free to add your thoughts:

1. Nick Murphy

2. Tim Houlihan

3. Jacob Crate

4. Toby Stribling

6. Brad Crabb

7. Josh Thewlis

8. Michael Wundke

9. Nick Liddle

10. Nathan Daniel

11. Xavier Watson

12. Tom Mcnamara

14. Tarak Redigolo

15. Xavier Gotch

17. Peter Rolfe

18. Todd Pfeiffer

19. Joel Cross

20. Andy Otten

22. Andrew Ainger

23. Shaun Mckernan

24. Curtis Perrey

26. Daniel Bass

27. Keegan Brooksby

28. Lachlan Carey

29. Ben Casley

31. Ben Dowdell

32. Todd Mckay

33. Scott Taylor

37. Cam De Visser

43. Darcy Hourigan

47. Tarquin Brown

59. Ky Miller

62. Jake Veide

I think that is all players?


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Re: 2012 Player reviews.

Post by saintal on Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:21 pm

Time for my annual self indulgent drivel. I’ve included everybody who played at least one game (games played in brackets). I managed to get to 15 games, so didn’t get to see every game.

Ainger (18). Huge improver on last year. 45 goals and generally when he played well South won. Vital to our structure.
Bass (17) Form dropped away a bit in second half of year but will keep better with experience.
Beilby (5) Showed some dash in his 5 games. 6 goals were handy. Can spray the ball a bit.
Bollenhagen (6) Gone. Didn’t live up to preseason expectations.
Brooksby (16) Finished off well, a little indifferent at times. Didn’t seem to get as much footy around the ground as last year.
Brown (12) Undersized for a key backman but has a crack each week. Has limitations.
Carey (12) Don’t mind him but his kicking still needs work. Spent portion of season in the twos.
Carlile (1) Bobby was great on the small confines of Unley. Doubt the run did much to enhance his fitness!
Casley (8 ). Struggled. Hopefully will do an Ainger and find year 2 a little easier.
Crabb (15) Responded to his demotion very well during the final half dozen games. First half of season average by his standards.
Crate (6) Good to see him back. A full preseason will be handy for him. Disposal needs work.
Cross (20) Excellent again. Kicking seemed a little more reliable this season. Does his best work in tight.
Daniel (19) The surprise of 2011 struggled to have same impact at times. Goal return well down.
De Visser (7) Worth keeping on. Looked reasonable infront of goals.
Dowdell (3) Limited league opportunities. Work in progress.
Gotch (10) Missed start of season and never really got going.
Houlihan (19) Wouldn’t have lived up to the expectations of most of us, but will be keen to see how he goes next season.
Hourigan (5) Still young. Played some good footy in ressies.
Irra (1) Only played in round 1.
Leonard (1) See Irra
Liddle (20) Another Knuckey Cup coming up. His final quarter v the bays typified the bloke. Champ.
McKay (8 ) Promising signs. Hopefully can stay injury free next season.
McKernan (10) The big fella didn’t have the same impact on games as 2011. Needs a decent run with injuries.
McNamara (4) Untimely injury. Will be a welcome addition in 2013.
Miller (8 ) Smooth and was probably unlucky not to play more through the season. Kudos to WEASEL Smile
Murphy (20) If only his first 16 games were like his last 4! Hopefully can take late season form into 2013.
O’Shea (8 ) Serviceable at best, and lacks poise with the footy.
Otten (10) Regularly in our best, often asked to stand taller blokes due to our lack of size. Very valuable.
Perrey (1). After 5 or 6 years at the club I’d say he’ll either walk or be moved on. Gave it his best shot.
Pfeiffer (7) Not sure about him yet. Disposal ordinary at times.
Redden (7) Gone. Nice size but returned home.
Redigolo (20) Good story. Consistent season and valuable team man.
Rolfe (17) Gave us many highlights. Easily his best season. Poor bloke needs to stay fit.
Sandery (6) Gone. Serviceable.
Stribling (20) Didn’t reach his 2011 form, but we need his hardness/size in the middle. Breaks lines also.
Taylor (10) Started well in the seniors before dropping off. Still young.
Thewlis (5) Was a huge loss obviously. Cruel run of injuries continues.
Veide (10) Not too bad as a running defender type. Depth player.
Watson (12) Reasonable at times. Has some limitations but has a dip.
Wundke (15) Despite delayed start had another very good season. Kicking for goal was generally excellent.

Knuckey Cup Prediction:

1- Liddle
2- Cross
3- Redigolo/Ainger

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Re: 2012 Player reviews.

Post by Weasel on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:07 pm

Well I have to ring my own bell here regarding Miller!!

He played for my club here in Pt Lincoln and wanted another go at SANFL after not working out at Port. He was going to just 'rock up' at Glenelg until I rang Brenton Honor and said the kid can play and we need to get on to him. BH passed number to Neil and the rest is history.

Was very rewarding to see him do so well in his first year.

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Re: 2012 Player reviews.

Post by saintal on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:22 am

I have changed my post accordingly.


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Re: 2012 Player reviews.

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