Message to SAFC board members re AFL Reserves.

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Message to SAFC board members re AFL Reserves.

Post by Ben W on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:47 am

I wanted to pass this onto those that have an official capacity at the club that participate in this site. Its my hope that you will follow the lead of the Norwood FC and reject the AFL Reserves in the SANFL proposal outright. I would ask you to look carefully at this situation that has occured at Peel Thunder in the WAFL which has made the WAFL a laughing stock in the media over there. Please do not do this to the SANFL.

Peel players have been accused of revealing a "lack of character" by walking out of the club rather than staying to help it overcome one of the toughest periods in its barren 17-year history.

As president John Ditchburn said Peel were happy to see the last of a group of players who had abandoned the Thunder over the loss of opportunities under the AFL partnership with Fremantle, he predicted last week's embarrassment would not be repeated.

Peel were thrashed by East Perth on Saturday after the reserves kicked only two behinds and were forced to play 40-year-old football manager Brad Bootsma to make up their numbers.

Peel's plight was exposed by a host of injuries to Thunder and Fremantle players that exacerbated the departure this year of 13 disgruntled individuals who had played nearly 600 senior matches between them.

"When guys get dropped to the ressies it shows a lack of character on their behalf to not hang around," Ditchburn said. "But if they don't want to be at the club there's no point having them there.

"It was a double whammy on Saturday and a dark day for the club.

"With our four or five injuries and the same at Fremantle, as well as the players who have left the club, we struggled."

Ditchburn said Peel would be more competitive against West Perth this week, predicting that up to five Dockers could return.

Senior players Kristin Thornton and Cruize Garlett are also close to overcoming injuries.

But Chris Luff will miss the rest of the season with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament while the versatile James Hawksley will face the WAFL tribunal tonight on a striking charge.

Ditchburn said Peel's challenge in the coming seasons was to convince local players that the Dockers alignment would not reduce opportunities to play league football.

"We have to work hard in our zone because there is a perception that there won't be opportunities under the Fremantle partnership," he said.

"There will be equal opportunities. We can't recruit and given that only nine Dockers played league in the WAFL at the weekend, that's about what you would have normally when you count the recruits. We have to convince the locals of that."

Ditchburn said the relationship with Fremantle remained strong and he was adamant that coach Cam Shepherd would be in charge of the team next year.

The WA Football Commission is considering further aid to Peel, though the club has received substantial assistance in the past, including a $350,000 loan that is still outstanding.

New WAFC football general manager Steve Hargrave, who will take over some of the responsibilities of outgoing director Grant Dorrington, acknowledged concerns over Peel's performance but was confident about the club's future.

It was a double whammy on Saturday."
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