South Adelaide vs Modbury FC 1986?

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South Adelaide vs Modbury FC 1986?

Post by Ben W on Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:10 pm

Just wondering if anyone remember this match?

From the Modbury FC website,

History of the Modbury Football Club


The Modbury Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Australia (see List of Australian rules football clubs by date of establishment)

The first ever game recorded as taking place was between Modbury and Adelaide in 1862. Each side had 20 players but there were no umpires. The game ended after Adelaide kicked its second goal and the game was declared in their favour 2 goals to nil.

The two teams met again the following year, on a strip of land near the Modbury Hotel (Civic Park), when "the game was kept up with the greatest spirit and good feeling, and so equally were the sides matched that not a goal was obtained"

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, in 1962, and during the states 150th year celebrations, in 1986, a special game was played between the Modbury Football Club and the South Adelaide Football Club at Modbury Oval to commemorate the two oldest clubs in the state.

Up to1937 - Maroon guernsey with one white band, later replaced with a white vee.
1947-1978 - Dark blue guernsey with a light blue vee.
1979-onwards - Brown & gold vertical stripes.

up to1963 Old Modbury Oval (Civic Park, opposite Myer).
1964 - Memorial Oval, Tea Tree Gully.
1965 - Temporary Oval, now Waterworld Swimming Centre.
1966 - onwards - Modbury Oval.

Leagues :

Prior to 1906 - Records not kept.

1906 - Hills Football Association.
1932 - North Eastern Hills Football Association
1933 - Hills Football Association
1934 - North Eastern Hills Football Association
1936 - East Torrens Football Association
1947 - North Adelaide District Football Association
1969 - Norwood North Football Association
1978 –South Australian Football Association
1988 –South Australian Amateur Football Association"|12911l
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