Top 5 Players to Ever Play for South

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Top 5 Players to Ever Play for South

Post by Panther Pack on Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:42 pm

Who would be the top 5 players to ever play for South Adelaide? (I have only considerd players since WW2 as it seems very hard to get info on any players before then.

These 2 seem to be the obvious standouts:

Peter Darley - 7 Knuckey Cups, 1964 Premiership Player
Jim Deane - 6 Knuckey Cups, 2 Megarey Medals

But who else would be in the best players ever?

Stuart Palmer - 337 Games
David Kappler - 200+ Games, 4 Knuckey Cups
Mark Naley - 236 Games, 1 Knuckey Cup

The last 15 or so years there have not been many players who have stayed at the club long enough to warrant being considered although Trent Mills is 1 player who served South real well over a long period.

Out of the Current group of players I really hope Liddle stays with us he is an absolute Gun and always gives his all for South. Currently has 2 Knuckey Cups and I reckon he will go close to grabbing a 3rd this year.

Would love to know who other supporters think are the best 5 players ever!!!!
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