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Player review

Post by panther_man on Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:23 pm

For the avid supporter,

I remember somebody did one last year, would be interesting to see how people graded each player to play league football this year. strengths,weakness, etc

#1-Nathan Lyons
#3-Jacob Crate
#5-Guy O'keefe
#6-Brad Crabb
#7-Josh Thewlis
#9-Nick Liddle
#11-Mitch Sandery
#12-Alex Splitt
#13-Andrew Horne
#14-Tarak Redigolo
#15-Xavier Gotch
#16-James Turner
#17-Peter Rolfe
#19-Ben Warren
#21-Adam Cockshell
#24-Curtis Perrey
#25-Nick Mckenna
#27-Keegan Brooksby
#29-Sam Livingstone
#30-Lee Schmidt
#32-Todd Mckay
#36-Nick Murphy
#38-Daniel Trevena
#42-Tom Caudle
#46-Taylor Whitford
#54-Steve Woods
#58-Tom Caroll
#62-Jake Veide

Post away folks


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Re: Player review

Post by the prowler on Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:59 pm

Out of 10 Strength Weakness
#1-Nathan Lyons, 3, 7, gets a fair bit of the ball, disposal very wayward
#3-Jacob Crate, 5, 5, Had a very good season, needs to improve his finishing work
#5-Guy O'keefe, 8, 2, A good reader of the game, brings other into play, can set the team alight
#6-Brad Crabb, 6, 4, Solid at full back, needs to tighten up looks very good when attacking
#7-Josh Thewlis, 7, 3, Missed 1/3 season with injury, missed in the back half
#9-Nick Liddle, 8, 2, Who sent him to us. God!!!
#11-Mitch Sandery, 4, 6, returned from injury late in season, has maturity we need
#12-Alex Splitt, 5, 5, Is cool and methodical, looses concentration at times, will get better
#13-Andrew Horne, 8, 2, Links up well with others bringing them into the game disposal needs to improve
#14-Tarak Redigolo, 5, 5, Has the ability to make it, needs confidence and more pace.
#15-Xavier Gotch, 5, 5, Solid mid fielder, works hard, found SANFL harder than first thought
#16-James Turner, 4, 6, returned from injury showed he will push for a spot next year
#17-Peter Rolfe, 6, 4, A player with untapped talents, plays taller than he is, will get better all the time
#19-Ben Warren, 6, 4, Had to combat 2 -3 players each week, led the side well, and will be missed
#21-Adam Cockshell, 5, 5, held the rucks together, goes missing around the ground
#23-Shaun McKernan, 6, 4, On the Crows list, is capable of being more consistant
#24-Curtis Perrey, 4, 6, long time injured, can give drive into the forward 50
#25-Nick Mckenna, 4, 6, disappointing for a big man, confidence played a big part
#26-Daniel Bass, 4, 6, On the Power list, impressed each game
#27-Keegan Brooksby, 4, 6, will improve next season, and be part of the future
#29-Sam Livingstone, 4, 6, needed a full season in the reserves
#30-Lee Schmidt, 4, 6, injured mostly, has a good future as a leader
#32-Todd Mckay, 3, 7, will get a lot better, finished the year in the juniors
#35-Sam Richmond, 5, 5, Was given a lot of hard tasks, passed on every occasion
#36-Nick Murphy, 7, 3, Surprised many of us can only get better
#38-Daniel Trevena, 4, 6, Did'nt think would make it, looks likely to go on
#42-Tom Caudle, 4, 6, Made the most of his opportunities, gave what he had.
#46-Taylor Whitford, 4, 6, Showed early, could have done with 12 months in reserves
#53-Kenn Campbell, 4, 6, Has speed unlimited, handles ball well, needs working on disposal
#54-Steve Woods, 3, 7, Will come on next year, showed promise in ruck, needs more strength
#58-Tom Caroll, 5, 5, Promising, had a taste this year and is hungry for success
#59- Andrew Carter, 3, 7, Needs to bulk up and read the play better, become attacking defender and hold marks
#62-Jake Veide. 2, 8, Wouldnt get a look in in any other league club in SA

All players need to work on MARKING and making TACKLES stick.
the prowler

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Re: Player review

Post by saintal on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:17 pm

Some quick thoughts. (games played in brackets)

#1-Nathan Lyons (19) Disposal and accountability needs work. Plenty of pace and has a crack.
#3-Jacob Crate (20) Apart from a mid season slump, was very consistent. Hopefully a 10+ year player. Attacking side of game will come.
#5-Guy O'keefe (18) Easily the best kick in the side. Bit of polish and penetration that we lack.
#6-Brad Crabb (20) Solid year. Needs more assistance from the mid-field against the good teams.
#7-Josh Thewlis (7) Sorely missed his grunt and polish.
#9-Nick Liddle (20). Hand him the Knuckey Cup now..
#11-Mitch Sandery (3). See Thewlis. A year to forget.
#12-Alex Splitt (9). Honest. Can he elevate game further though?
#13-Andrew Horne (20). Very good early, perhaps dropped away a bit though. More penetration/value with disposal needed.
#14-Tarak Redigolo (13). I rate him. Showed glimpses, but failed to progress on 2009 form.
#15-Xavier Gotch (20). Solid season. Again, more value for disposals needed.
#16-James Turner (2). Hard to judge. Played well enough against West to suggest he’s required in 2011.
#17-Peter Rolfe (17) One of our more important players. Goals and confidence dried up as year went on and losses mounted.
#19-Ben Warren (18). Started well, but found it hard as the team started to struggle. Didn’t have his radar tuned in this year.
#21-Adam Cockshell (20). Close to our best through the first half of season. Didn’t do much around the ground as the year wore on though.
#24-Curtis Perrey (9). Looked smooth early. Has a future. Decision making needs improving.
#25-Nick Mckenna (17) Works hard, but is not the answer at CHF.
#27-Keegan Brooksby (2). Give him a few more years before judging.
#29-Sam Livingstone (9) Disposal lets him down. Played well in ressies.
#30-Lee Schmidt (1). Handy when fit, but couldn’t get on park.
#32-Todd Mckay (2). Valuable learning experience, debuting in wet at elizabeth.
#36-Nick Murphy (19). Top 3 or 4 in B+F I would have thought. Consistent year, with disposal improving.
#38-Daniel Trevena (4). Hard to judge. Needs time.
#42-Tom Caudle (4). Always honest. Will go close to winning ressies B+F.
#46-Taylor Whitford (14). Didn’t do enough to justify his constant selection I felt.
#54-Steve Woods (2). Struggled a bit at league level. Again, needs time.
#58-Tom Caroll (11). Works hard. Will hopefully find more of the footy as experience comes.
#62-Jake Veide (16) Actually thought he was ok. Need him to play that lead up role and kick 30 goals next year (think Iljescen in 2006)

Bass (3). Hard to judge from limited games I saw of him.
Campbell (7). Pace, backs himself but sometimes this leads to his downfall. Disposal average. Worth keeping on.
Carter (8 ). Showed enough. Needs bulk.
Cook (9). Took a backwards step I felt.
Handby (11). Never really got going. Best footy behind him.
Joyce (4). Gone.
McKernan (17). When he played well, so did we. Looked lost at times, and brilliant at others…
Richman (10) Worth persisting with. Similar to Carlile in 2009.
Talia (9). Started slowly, but was starting to hit straps before injury. Hopefully 20 games from him next year.
Williams (6). Never found 2009 form.


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Re: Player review

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