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Post by woodey on Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:13 pm

Reading Craig Parrys article a true south adelaide supporter must be thinking,IS our administration or all of our players telling non truths.
My money is on our Administration,the current chairman and board are the very worst combination in the history of the south adelaide football club.
OUR current chairmain and most of the current board signed up our club for about 30gs for our two best players in PARRY and BOYD to have a life learning experience in africa only to see them both like many others pushed out the door.
The old saying is if you are going to throw away money then dont throw your money away use our members money its cheaper.This current chairman and board have given us three more wooden spoons for our trophy cupboard. There achievements are given payed staff listings on the VISIONARY CAN DO BOARD, forget about all the members that put there hands in there pockets to get us to where we are,that 30gs should have been put towards our oval lights.
This current chairman and board have spent far to long doing burgers at hungry jacks get out and start digging the holes for our lights,you just may pay back some of the money you have wasted.get some hands on experience.

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Post by Handball Happy on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:18 am

Put your name up for the board or f off genius.
Your rants are pathetic and lack any sort of credibility.
How about you open up your own message board and get off this one.

Handball Happy

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