2014 Player reviews

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2014 Player reviews

Post by panther_man on Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:16 am

Well so ends another year of football. It's hard not to be proud of the boys for claiming a top 3 finish after finishing 8th last year. The appointment of Brad Gotch has proved to be a master stroke. Here's hoping for some success in the years to come.

Am interested to see how people have rated the players on the year they had. Players to play league football this year were:

#1- Brett Eddy

#2- Roland Ah Chee

#3- Tom Fields

#4- Frazer Dale

#5- Brede Seccull

#6- Brad Crabb

#7- Josh Thewlis

#8- Matt Rose

#9- Nick Liddle

#10- Nathan Daniel

#11- Caleb Daniel

#12- Darcy Hourigan

#13- Emmanuel Irra

#14- Tarak Redigolo

#15- Xavier Gotch

#16- Lachlan Boyd

#17- Peter Rolfe

#18- Brent Macleod

#19- Joel Cross

#22- Luke Durdin

#23- John McDonald

#24- Matt Rankine

#26- Daniel Bass

#27- Keegan Brooksby

#28- Josh Giddings

#32- Todd Mckay

#33- Scott Taylor

#36- Nick Murphy

#39- Alex Cailotto

#43- Adam Gulden

#46- Jackson Mcmahon

#47- Lewis Makepeace

#49- Sam Overall

#51- Joseph Haines

#62- Jake Veide


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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by blueandwhite on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:13 pm

Well, Ive had a go...what do others think??

#1- Brett Eddy           9/10..excellent year....hopefully we can hang on to him

#2- Roland Ah Chee     4/10 ..injury.....jury still out

#3- Tom Fields           8/10..excellent year... draft candidate....??

#4- Frazer Dale         8/10 great recruit, great year.. had a shocker in the prelim

#5- Brede Seccull      8/10 second half of year when fit ,was excellent

#6- Brad Crabb         9/10 cult hero..second half of year was exceptional

#7- Josh Thewlis       9/10 great year- great leader, got a fewmore years left in you JT

#8- Matt Rose         8/10 vgood recruit,plenty of upside as well

#9- Nick Liddle         10/10 does this guy ever play a bad game?

#10- Nathan Daniel    8/10  very solid defender

#11- Caleb Daniel       8/10 established himself at senior level..AFL bound sadly

#12- Darcy Hourigan    4/10 injuries...?  application an issue....??

#13- Emmanuel Irra     4/10 is he up to it...?

#14- Tarak Redigolo   5/10  season ending injury early in the year..we missed him.

#15- Xavier Gotch   9/10  best year for the club, paternal influence maybe helped?

#16- Lachlan Boyd  3/10  injury early on, looks the goods,,cant wait to see what he   can bring to the table

#17- Peter Rolfe   7/10 welcome back from injury, slowly regained form...a blinder in the 1st semi final

#18- Brent Macleod   9/10 second time around...an extremely good player, but v quiet in the prelim

#19- Joel Cross            10/10  dead set gun.

#22- Luke Durdin           7/10 showed plenty of promise until injured

#23- John McDonald      5/10 ..mmmm..jury still out

#24- Matt Rankine        5/10 .. mmmm.. jury still out

#26- Daniel Bass           6/10 .. mmmm.. jury still out

#28- Josh Giddings    6/10  good year -unlucky in my view not to play more

#32- Todd Mckay   6/10 handy backup-

#27- Keegan Brooksby  10/10 exceptional year

#33- Scott Taylor   8/10 good finals series, proved a lot of doubters wrong

#36- Nick Murphy   8/10 great year, best game for the club in 1st semi

#39- Alex Cailotto   7/10 plenty of promise, good size, desperately unlucky...must keep

#43- Adam Gulden   8/10 great recruit had a good year, absolute howler in prelim

#46- Jackson Mcmahon   5/10 injury..jury still out

#47- Lewis Makepeace   see Jackson McMahon

#49- Sam Overall   6/10  huge potential , plenty of upside.

#51- Joseph Haines  6/10 injury..potential

#62- Jake Veide   10/10 fantastic year, much improved, now a top level sanfl player

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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by darley16 on Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:54 pm

Agree with most B&W, good summery. I would have graded Brede Seccull and Frazer Dale 9/10 these boys can play. Alex Cailotto continued to improve in every game CHF potential for mine. I think our success next year will come from continued improvement and development in the following players who showed they are ready for consistent league footy and all have talent to burn:-
Durdin, Rankine, McKay, McMahon, Makepeace, Haines, Overall and you can include DeVisser, Tyson Brown and Pat Kerin. Players that have proven themselves need a big pre-season and will be too hard not to pick, McDonald, Bass, Giddings. Finally, obvious talent that is just waiting for maturity Emmanuel Irra and Darcy Hourigan.

We have a really good list and depending on the AFL draft will determine our recruitment needs. This time of year i expect to read about players leaving for other SANFL clubs but like last year when they stayed why would you leave a club that is on the rise, stable, well managed and well coached.


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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by blueandwhite on Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:44 pm

I guess the other thing we should look at is the coach. Personally I'd give him 12/10.!
and..it might seem harsh...but I liked the fact he was far from happy,livid in fact, with Sundays Prelim final loss.
During his address at the post match presentations... he asked the playing group in front of the supporters.."What do we play for?"...as one the playing group replied...
there is definitely a hunger in this group...

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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by panther magic on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:07 pm

Pretty well spot on B&W! Maybe a touch hard on Bass. He had a bad one in the prelim but wasn't alone. He missed a stack of footy this year and was playing well early in the season until he did his ankle.
When you break our team down we do have some very solid players and many with their best yet to come. I was a bit critical of Durdin earlier this year but he proved me wrong as he was really starting to show what he can do.

We have some potentially very talented younger forwards such as Boyd, Overall and Hourigan. They are going to need to have big preseasons with some bulking up but they have shown they can definitely play. Darcy just needs to work hard and get as fit as he can because he has huge potential! These three blokes could terrorise defenders if they can fill their potential!

The ingredients are there to become an even better model in 2015! More hard work, covering any losses we may incur, and finding a cure to close the gap between our best and worst will be critical In going the next step.

panther magic

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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by Panther74 on Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:50 pm

#1- Brett Eddy - 9/10 ....kicking at times a bit hit and miss but awesome player.

#2- Roland Ah Chee 4/10 ....have not seen enough to make judgement.

#3- Tom Fields 9/10....outstanding improvement from last year.  Long kick that is exciting to watch.

#4- Frazer Dale 8.5/10....cool, calm and collected......vital back line payer.  

#5- Brede Seccull 7.5/10.....last half of the year better.  More to come of this next year I hope !

#6- Brad Crabb 9/10.....held the flag up in defense.  Smashed opposition teams key forwrds.  Especially in finals. Experienced shined through.

#7- Josh Thewlis 9/10...Captain dependable !! Experienced and a leader down back.  role model too !!

#8- Matt Rose 8.5....nice recruit.  Fitted with game plan well and like his cool head under pressure.

#9- Nick Liddle - 10/10....gives his heart, soul and body to the club.  Vomited at Woodvillie Oval late this year in front of me near the bench from exhaustion. Think that says what he gives to the club.  Personal fav of mine !

#10- Nathan Daniel - 8/10 ..knows what he has to do and did it well this year without fanfare.

#11- Caleb Daniel - 8.5/10 ....missed him at start of year but came back and AFL scouts are talking.  Great maturity !  Slippery little player and got plenty of the ball.

#12- Darcy Hourigan - 3/10...needs to do more and a good talking too! Has talent but we need to see it!!

#13- Emmanuel Irra - 4/10....needs to set up next year.  Seen bits and pieces...good and the bad.

#14- Tarak Redigolo - 6/10....shattering injury early in year.  We missed him in the back pocket.  Will be back better than ever ! Nice work supporting Brad Gotch Smile

#15- Xavier Gotch - 9/10.....stepped up.  Became a player other teams noticed.  Nice work in midfield unit.  Kicked some beautiful goals too !

#16- Lachlan Boyd - injuries once again.  Showed he has got what it takes.

#17- Peter Rolfe - 7.5....when he was up, the team was up ! Can be a bit inconsistent at times but I am sure next year he will be better from coming back from the injury.

#18- Brent Macleod - 9/10....hard at it. Tough as nails and nice skills.  Good to see him back.

#19- Joel Cross - 10/10...what can you say ? Hard at it and keeps other teams 2nd guessing.  Always tagged and man handled as he is a match winner.  Foot skills can sometimes be a negative.  

#22- Luke Durdin - 6/10 ...liked what I saw but injury ended the season.

#23- John McDonald - 3/10.... not sold yet.  Some shocking kicks at goal the few times I saw.....needs to do more.

#24- Matt Rankine - 5/10 .....thought he could of got more of an opportunity....maybe he did not take them?? ....can be used in stages of the game as a fast match winner.  I like him.

#26- Daniel Bass - 6/10....hes good but fitness was not there at end of the year when he came back for being injured.

#27- Keegan Brooksby - 10/10......unrecognizable player from last year. Outstanding year that needs to be there in 2015 !

#28- Josh Giddings - 6/10....good player but think injuries hurt him this year.

#32- Todd Mckay - 6/10....injuries too ?? Handy player to have but did not have best year health wise missing a few with viruses.

#33- Scott Taylor - 8/10 ....good solid player.  Took a set up from last year.  Underrated player too.

#36- Nick Murphy - 8/10.....solid year.  Stepped up at finals time and lead well.

#39- Alex Cailotto - 7.5/10....played well without Bass rucking.  I think will be a regular in side next year with a good preseason.

#43- Adam Gulden - 9/10...some amazing games and kicked a few good goals when needed in games.  Hard to match up with too.  As said....awful prelim final game.

#46- Jackson Mcmahon -4/10...injuries. Not sure but as some talent there.

#47- Lewis Makepeace - 4/10...injuries.....have not seen enough.

#49- Sam Overall - 7/10....young and inexperienced but this is the future for our club.  Made a few clangers in his games but he will learn.  Kicked some great goals and marked well.

#51- Joseph Haines - 5/10...injuries and needs big preseason.

#62- Jake Veide - 10/10....outstanding.  Has that fearless mongrel in him.  Gives his all in games with no bullshit attitude.  I like it !!! Gotch has got the best out of him !!

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Re: 2014 Player reviews

Post by saintal on Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:10 pm

My 2 cents. Games played in brackets.

Ah Chee (1) Injuries obviously ruined season
Bass (7) Handy when returning, but still room for improvement
Boyd (4) Jury out after injury ruined season.
Brooksby (21) Outstanding in ruck and around the ground. Marking and disposal greatly improved. Leader.
Cailotto (12) Was growing in confidence each week until Bass returned. Will be better for the experience.
Crabb (19) Second half of the year very good. Not a CHF!
Cross (21) Named in the club’s best for the final 10 games of the year. Kicked goals. Will win the Knuckey Cup.
Dale (20) Solid recruit, good overhead and disposal. As mentioned by earlier poster, poor prelim.
Daniel, C (11) Took a while to find feet after injury but showed enough to be likely drafted.
Daniel, N (16) Solid again, good role player.
Durdin (10) A little undersized for a key back, but battled away.
Eddy (21) 67 goals a huge return after lack-lustre 2013. Proved his worth in the prelim after flat period.
Fields (20) Much better year than 2013. Will only get better with age.
Giddings (7) Squeezed out of the team this year.
Gotch (21) No doubt his best year for the club. “Team-acts” his speciality and bobbed up with important goals.
Gulden (21) Another good recruit. Smart player although can over-kick the footy at times. Poor prelim.
Haines (2) Excellent against Norwood before injury ruined season.
Hourigan (7) Needs a big year in 2015. Still young.
Irra (1) Jury well and truly out. Hard enough at the footy?
Kerin (1) Was he injured or just couldn't break into side? Lost track of him.
Liddle (21) Would have appreciated the extra midfield support. Champion.
Macleod (21) Just the type of recruit we needed. Runs hard and knows where the goals are.
Makepeace (1) Awful injury
McDonald (5) Couldn’t crack into a solid midfield.
McKay (10) Showed improvement but needs to do more.
McMahon (2) Dream debut kicking opening goal v Centrals, but another hit by injury.
Murphy (21) Solid again. Disposal has improved over years. Semi final hopefully a new benchmark for him.
Overall (6) Really liked what I saw in the first 2 finals after being sceptical initially.
Rankine (8 ) Looked like being a regular early in season before form faded.
Redigolo (3) Missed him
Rolfe (15) Didn’t reach 2012 form, but will be better for the season after coming back from knee.
Rose (21) Underrated, rarely beaten.
Seccull (12) Showed value in finals, very good in close. Kicking needs work though.
Taylor (13) Filled the hole left by Redigolo for second half of year. Honest contributor.
Thewlis (19) Relatively injury free and had his best year in a few.
Veide (20) Really good season as a tagger who could run forward and kick a goal or two. Gives us needed aggression.


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Re: 2014 Player reviews

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