Final SA 13-11-89 Nwd 13-7-85

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Final SA 13-11-89 Nwd 13-7-85

Post by Premier Panther on Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:26 am

Great Team win & what character we showed.
We always looked in control & the far better team for most of the night.
Norwood may have had more of the ball, but always felt we were more effective with our possessions.
However when Norwood hit the lead late, & it reached 27 minute mark, I thought time would beat us.
Then Crossy showed us why he's the brilliant little champ he is.
Victory against Norwood is so sweet for me, & particularly at the parade.
3-1 is a good start & could have even been 4-0, & still we have much improvement to go.
Great signs
Premier Panther

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Re: Final SA 13-11-89 Nwd 13-7-85

Post by saintal on Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:00 pm

Goal Kickers: B. Haren 3, J. Cross 2, S. Overall 2, N. Schwarz, B. Seccull, C. Fairlie, B. Heaslip, M. Raitt, J. Mc Mahon
Best Players: B. Seccull, B. Haren, X. Gotch, J. Cross, L. Durdin, N. Schwarz

Entertaining game with a great finish. As the clock approached the 28 minute mark I must admit I thought we'd blown it.

As mentioned above, great character shown by the group and a team effort across 4 quarters. Thought we made the running in each quarter only to see the Legs finish stronger. Just couldn't shrug them off.

Particularly pleasing to keep running late on the back of consecutive 6 day breaks against a rested side on their home deck.

Another nail-biter goes our way..


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Re: Final SA 13-11-89 Nwd 13-7-85

Post by B&W63 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:30 pm

Good summary, yes I also thought we were gone but the boys showed great character. I liked the defensive pressure and tackling particularly in the last quarter.
When you consider that we have players to come back the situation looks good.


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